Baby out!

This morning started off like any other morning. Snack at 8:15. Circle Time at 10:00. Even lunch went off without a hitch, albeit the little boy partook of more of the sustenance due to the availably of pita and “hoo-moos” (a new favorite). But cozy time? Well, that’s a story worthy of a blog post.

Our guy takes a while to settle down post lunch. Books, a fight to put on his sleeper bag, more books, another fight to actually put the sleeper on. And so it went on this Monday, the seventeenth of January. That is, until Dada required use of the facilities.

Eitan took the suggestion like a champ. In his sleeper, he retained all three sponge toys as Dada placed him on the mat next to the shower. A few minutes went by as Eitan played peacefully and happily.

Then, it hit. “Hmmph. Hmmph.” His nose pointed up. I could see it in his eyes. “What is that smell, Dada?” But before I could blink, Eitan forwent with the quandary. Instead: “Baby out!”

Escape was only moments away and the entire adventure delayed nap time a measly five minutes or less, but this baby was done. Sometimes, you can avoid panic like this. But, sometimes, the old mantra rings true: when you gotta go, you gotta go.

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