My First Joke

Today, Eitan told his first joke!

Why did the animal go inside?

To talk!


We were sitting in our “tent” – a blanket draped over a set of chairs – when he spurt it out. Eitan proceeded to ask me to tell Dodo jokes, to which I responded with your typical “why did the chicken cross the road?” bit. When that didn’t get any laughs, Eitan tried his hand at comedy for a second time.

Why did the animal go through the wall?

I don’t know.


This continued for a while as it seemed more and more likely that his first attempt at spoken humor had been a fluke. That is, until Dada helped him along.

Why did the animal go through the wall?

To talk to the animal coming through the roof!

Eitan & Dada

He continued to repeat that chestnut the rest of the evening.

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