A (very) Personal Story

We’ve had a “mama” few weeks, and it’s hard to find a time to myself, even to use the bathroom. Earlier today, Eitan came charging in while I was peeing. I got up to wipe myself and he (of course) noticed the tampon string hanging down. “Why string?” he asked, as I tried to shield myself and he walked along with me to get a better view.

“Well…”, I gave him the simplest, briefest, off-the-cuff explanation I could.

“Hurt?” he wondered.

“No,” I responded, “it doesn’t hurt going in or coming out”.

“How does poop come out?” he asked. Another excellent question!

“It comes out a different hole,” I replied.

“Ok mama,” he said, and then jumped up singing David Melech using the wrong tune. Is it strange that this story makes me happy?

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