The Power Outage

This evening, the power went out right as we were reading at bedtime. Ironically, we had just finished “Katy and the Big Snow” in which one of the plot lines involves downed utility poles.

After we got the home switched over to running on battery power, Eitan immediately switched from slightly frightened to inquisitive. He just had to know what happened.

One ritual Eitan and I have developed over the last year or so has been a man to man talk about literally anything after he is supposed to be asleep. This evening was no different.

Eitan: Why no power?

Me: There’s probably a pole down somewhere in Needham.

Eitan: Tomorrow, you draw me a map.

Me: A map of the power outage? Sure, bud.

Eitan: Need two pieces of paper.

Me: How about we start with one and go from there?

Eitan: Maybe two pieces. Needham big. Maybe three pieces, actually.

Kids are the best.

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