Bye bye cribby

We were very nervous about the transition to a bed. When we discussed it, Eitan pushed back hard, and we weren’t entirely sure why. But I really wanted to get the transition done while we were living in Sudbury, so one Sunday I declared it “the day”.

Once the construction was complete, and Eitan helped with his toy tools, he was ecstatic. In fact, he told us he had to choose something he was thankful for at school for Thanksgiving, and he said his new bed.

The only downside was on his second night, when he fell out twice. The first time we went running in (it was around 11pm and we were just going to sleep). He screamed “get out, you bummers!” and punched Rich in the face. And I mean really clocked him one.

It happened again at about 4AM. I went in by myself and received a similar response, but this time I put a cushion next to the bed. Problem solved.

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