Fireman Eitan

Eitan has been loving playing Fireman lately. One of us stands outside his room and “calls” 911. He answers and we provide a brief explanation of the fire. He rushes to the scene, with a truck of course.

After he put out a fire one time, I did a short interview with him.

Mama: “Fireman Eitan, how could I have prevented this fire?”

Eitan: “Aaaah, buy a fire truck”

Mama: “Fireman Eitan, what caused this fire?”

Eitan: “Aaaah, the moon.”

*Short pause*

Eitan: “I have to go; I have 15 kids at home.”

Mama: “Okay, thank you for your time.”

I held out my hand to shake and got a low-five instead.

*Interview over*

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