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In the car, on the way to school Monday morning.

Eitan: “I’m worried.” (pronounced woowwied)

Mama: “Usually I’m not worried. You’re great at school and you always have a good day, but today I’m a little worried.”

Eitan: “why?”

Mama: “I’m worried about the lice in your school.”

Eitan: “Do Dada’s have babies too?”

Pause while I collect myself and try to come up with an answer per the books: answer the question, don’t provide extra information

Mama: “Only mamas can have babies in their bellies”


Mama: “When I say belly, they are in a different spot than where the food goes. Mamas can still eat. The baby is in a place called the uterus or womb.”

Eitan: “How does the baby poop?”

*of course….*

Mama: “it doesn’t use its tush. The baby is connected to the mama through something called the umbilical cord. It connects to the baby’s belly button. The food goes in that way and the waste comes out.”

Mama: “The cord gets cut when the baby comes out. It doesn’t hurt the mama or the baby.”

Eitan: “Did I have that?”

Mama: “yes”

*still worried about the lice*


Mama, the bitch

Eitan has a lovely bed. However, he prefers to sleep on his travel mattress on the floor. I always put sheets on both just in case. Yesterday I was trying to decide if I needed to wash the sheets on the bed because he never sleeps up there. I asked Eitan, “do you ever sleep on your bed?”

He replied in the saddest voice, “why? Are you going to send it away?”

Do I have a reputation for being a bitch?


Never easy

Eitan runs into his bedroom after tub, completely naked.

Rich from the bathroom: “Come back here to get dressed!”

Me: “Go back to Dada and get your aquaphor on.”

Eitan: “I don’t need aquaphor.”

Me: “Yes you do, maybe you don’t need [eczema] medicine.”

Eitan: “I don’t need medicine.”

Me: “I know; you need aquaphor.”

Eitan: “Why?”


Gears are Turning

While watching Lego City Adventures this morning and coloring, Eitan suddenly asked, “How did Moshe DO that?”

I looked down and saw that he was coloring in a Pesach coloring book. The picture was the Israelites walking through the Red Sea behind Moshe.

I decided that the simplest answer was best, “God helped.”


The Places We Go

Because of Covid, Eitan hadn’t been to a public library. One day, I asked him if he wanted to check out our local Needham library. His response: “Do they have toys there?”

… pause to acknowledge parental fail here…

I told him I didn’t think so, since a library is for books. He acquiesced, though, and lo and behold, they do have toys in the library. Lesson learned.

Ideas Questions Thoughts

Loving Shabbat

To continue our Christian versus Jewish discussions, Eitan recently became aware that Rich’s parents are not Jewish.

Eitan: “What holidays do Ooma and Oompa have?”

Mama: “Well, they don’t have as many as us. Ooma and Oompa celebrate Christmas and Easter”

Eitan: “Keep telling me”

Mama: “That’s it”

*shocked silence* Note: this was during the Days of Awe

… several days go by …

Eitan: “Ooma and Oompa don’t celebrate Shabbat?”

Mama: “No, they don’t have Shabbat”

Eitan: “That makes me sad for them”

Mama: “It warms my heart that you love Shabbat so much”

Papa: “It warms my heart that you are thinking about how other people feel!”

Questions Thoughts


Eitan is starting to become very interested in categorizing people. Boy/girl, old/young, Jewish/not. He recently became aware that his Dada converted to Judaism; it was never a secret, but it doesn’t come up much. To summarize a long conversation:

Eitan: “You used to be Christian and then you became Jewish, Dada?”

Dada: “That’s right”

Eitan: “Did you need to get a shot?”

Some things are just always on our mind…



We were reading a Chanukah story recently (Hanukkah Hamster) which describes the lovely beaches of Tel Aviv. In an aside I said to Eitan, “You know, it never snows in Tel Aviv.” He answered with a very yiddishkeit accent, “What?!”

The other good part of this story is that Rich argued that it does sometimes snow in Tel Aviv. I looked it up later, and Rich was correct. In 1950, it snowed in Tel Aviv for “several minutes”.


Questions Thoughts

The Bank

Eitan is playing with Dada’s wallet.

“What’s this?”

“That’s the bank card. It has our money in it.”

“I don’t see any money…”, as he flips it around to see it from all angles.


A (very) Personal Story

We’ve had a “mama” few weeks, and it’s hard to find a time to myself, even to use the bathroom. Earlier today, Eitan came charging in while I was peeing. I got up to wipe myself and he (of course) noticed the tampon string hanging down. “Why string?” he asked, as I tried to shield myself and he walked along with me to get a better view.

“Well…”, I gave him the simplest, briefest, off-the-cuff explanation I could.

“Hurt?” he wondered.

“No,” I responded, “it doesn’t hurt going in or coming out”.

“How does poop come out?” he asked. Another excellent question!

“It comes out a different hole,” I replied.

“Ok mama,” he said, and then jumped up singing David Melech using the wrong tune. Is it strange that this story makes me happy?