Never easy

Eitan runs into his bedroom after tub, completely naked.

Rich from the bathroom: “Come back here to get dressed!”

Me: “Go back to Dada and get your aquaphor on.”

Eitan: “I don’t need aquaphor.”

Me: “Yes you do, maybe you don’t need [eczema] medicine.”

Eitan: “I don’t need medicine.”

Me: “I know; you need aquaphor.”

Eitan: “Why?”


Gears are Turning

While watching Lego City Adventures this morning and coloring, Eitan suddenly asked, “How did Moshe DO that?”

I looked down and saw that he was coloring in a Pesach coloring book. The picture was the Israelites walking through the Red Sea behind Moshe.

I decided that the simplest answer was best, “God helped.”



Eitan likes to have a frozen waffle in the morning for breakfast, but tends to forget about while he watches his morning TV show. He frequently asks me to reheat it for him. One day, he complained that I burned it (it really wasn’t burnt, just crispier). Getting fed-up, I responded that he could go make his own. His answer? “That’s just an expression for really hot, mama”.

Ok, then. Enjoy.


The Places We Go

Because of Covid, Eitan hadn’t been to a public library. One day, I asked him if he wanted to check out our local Needham library. His response: “Do they have toys there?”

… pause to acknowledge parental fail here…

I told him I didn’t think so, since a library is for books. He acquiesced, though, and lo and behold, they do have toys in the library. Lesson learned.

Spelling Thoughts


Eitan has been shouting “SOB!” a lot when we are playing. I chose to ignore this, since I felt that asking questions would only encourage this behavior. I didn’t have the courage.

Rich, however, was less careful and more practical. One day, I heard him casually ask Eitan what he means by “SOB”. I held my breath. “It means you need help, Dada,” was the response.

“Oh, you mean SOS, Eitan!”


The resolution was excellent. Glad it wasn’t me, though.


Fireman Eitan

Eitan has been loving playing Fireman lately. One of us stands outside his room and “calls” 911. He answers and we provide a brief explanation of the fire. He rushes to the scene, with a truck of course.

After he put out a fire one time, I did a short interview with him.

Mama: “Fireman Eitan, how could I have prevented this fire?”

Eitan: “Aaaah, buy a fire truck”

Mama: “Fireman Eitan, what caused this fire?”

Eitan: “Aaaah, the moon.”

*Short pause*

Eitan: “I have to go; I have 15 kids at home.”

Mama: “Okay, thank you for your time.”

I held out my hand to shake and got a low-five instead.

*Interview over*



Eitan still doesn’t understand the idea of addition, but infinity is a concept he gets. When I put him to sleep, I used to say “I love you more than anything.”

He added on, “more than anything in the universe.”

Then he started saying “more than anything in the universe universe universe universe universe universe universe”

So I changed to “I love you more than infinity and beyond.”

Now he says, “I love you more than infinity and beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond beyond.”

Four year old’s always win :).

Ideas Thoughts

Fact versus Fiction

Eitan knows that after fifth check at night we don’t come back in, and it’s time to rest. The goal being sleep, of course.

The other night he was having a lot of trouble, and talking to himself. We heard snippets such as “Bennett please play with me.” and “how do I play with them?”. So of course, when the call to me came, I went in to have a little discussion.

First, I got a big story about trouble playing with Bennett and Asher. I suggested asking them how to play. Hard no. I suggested asking a teacher to help play with them. Some hesitancy, but he didn’t like that idea either.

Finally, I said I would talk to his teachers in the morning. He gave me an innocent look and said, “this didn’t really happen, mama”.


I love you.


Bedroom Paint Color

I have been trying to choose a paint color for our primary bedroom. I showed Eitan some paint chips in the car the other day to see if he could help. My theory was that under-thinking things may be better than over-thinking them. Apparently, that is not the case:

Me: “What color do you like for our bedroom, Eitan?”

Eitan: “I like all of them, mama”

“And it doesn’t matter to me if you choose the wrong color!”


Bye bye cribby

We were very nervous about the transition to a bed. When we discussed it, Eitan pushed back hard, and we weren’t entirely sure why. But I really wanted to get the transition done while we were living in Sudbury, so one Sunday I declared it “the day”.

Once the construction was complete, and Eitan helped with his toy tools, he was ecstatic. In fact, he told us he had to choose something he was thankful for at school for Thanksgiving, and he said his new bed.

The only downside was on his second night, when he fell out twice. The first time we went running in (it was around 11pm and we were just going to sleep). He screamed “get out, you bummers!” and punched Rich in the face. And I mean really clocked him one.

It happened again at about 4AM. I went in by myself and received a similar response, but this time I put a cushion next to the bed. Problem solved.