Eitan recently received some stickers than he really enjoyed…

I’m keeping these stickers till I don’t like trucks anymore, which is when I’m a hundred.

Stickers and trucks for life. What could be better?



Eitan is in transition. At school, we’re told he sleeps during rest time. At home? Not so much. Here’s an exchange following a recent rest time at home.

Eitan: Are Nana and Papa here?

Me: Not yet. It’s still still early. You didn’t sleep.

Eitan. I slept. I sleep with my eyes open.

Eitan proceeds to shove his face, eyes wide open, into my own.

Eitan: And I talk when I sleep.



For those unfamiliar with Frog and Toad, I recommend you pick up any one of Arnold Lobel’s four compilations. Nearly all of his reptilian short stories can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

One such story, Cookies, concludes with a teachable moment about willpower. I won’t give away the story, but limiting sugary goods is a recurring theme. Following a recent reading, this was a conversation we had with Eitan…

Mama: How about we dress up as Frog and Toad? I can be Toad, Dada can be Frog, and you can be willpower.

Eitan: No, I will be Toad. You be willpower!