Growing Up

Sometimes, Eitan really surprises us. This was a chat I had during our Dada-son bonding time, aka the minutes after he had been put in his crib, aka the time he should already be sleeping.

Eitan: I want to be a grownup. Like you.

Dada: You’ll get there.

Eitan: When I’m grown up, I want to keep you forever.

Dada: Thanks, buddy. Me, too.

Eitan: And I want to keep Dodo forever.


Eitan’s Humor

For Rosh Hashanah, Papa made an apple challah in the shape of a spiral. When we first saw it, Dada started saying “That looks…”. You could tell he was about to say “amazing” or “delicious”. Instead, Eitan interjected “like a poop!” We all burst out laughing, including Eitan. It kind-of did, but it was also delicious.


My Little Boy

Dodo has become Eitan’s “little boy”. What does that entail, you ask?

Keep wild animals away.

Make sure Dodo doesn’t get hurt.

Hold Dodo’s hand so he doesn’t run away.