Ideas Thoughts


A few months back, Eitan enjoyed a day of “Wings and Wands” during a fairytale-inspired day at school. Since then, he’ll randomly whip out his gear and run around yelling, “Wings and wands! Wings and wands!”

More recently, I was gifted this entertaining interaction:

Eitan: How are we going to move this (toy) truck? Magic!

Whooshing noises.

Eitan: I’m not magic! I need my wand…

Runs off.



Eitan is in transition. At school, we’re told he sleeps during rest time. At home? Not so much. Here’s an exchange following a recent rest time at home.

Eitan: Are Nana and Papa here?

Me: Not yet. It’s still still early. You didn’t sleep.

Eitan. I slept. I sleep with my eyes open.

Eitan proceeds to shove his face, eyes wide open, into my own.

Eitan: And I talk when I sleep.